Comprehensive railroad management functionality

Over years of development, DTS has been continuously enhanced and expanded to meet the unique needs of tourist railroad management. It goes beyond ticketing, with a wide range of additional management tools, including:

  • Call Center provides secure, professional and world-class call center services, 24/7.
  • Crew Caller integrates shift management, scheduling and notification for both paid staff and volunteers.
  • Point of Sale powers sales and inventory management on the website, at the ticket window, in the gift shop and even on board a moving train, without an Internet connection.
  • Email: the system includes a variety of automatic notification options via email, both for guests and team members.
  • Reporting: powerful and flexible reporting options give you easy access to the data needed to make informed management decisions.
  • Paper Tickets: the system supports ticket printing options for guests and railroad managers who prefer paper tickets or for creating special commemorative tickets.