Powerful reporting tools

DTS is driven by data. But data alone doesn’t help you make business decisions. That’s why DTS includes a comprehensive menu of reporting options, all customizable to meet your operation’s unique needs and paint an accurate picture of operational performance.

If you have a special reporting requirement, DTS can likely build it for you. All these are included, standard:

  • Agent Report: Which agents are making sales? Track daily sales by agent.
  • Caterers Report: How many and which type of meals should be prepared? Track summary and detail of meal orders including special requests.
  • Comp Tickets: How many comp tickets were issued and why? Track reasons and on which excursions.
  • Conductor’s Report: Who is riding the train today? Are there any special requests? Generates a detailed passenger manifest.
  • Excursion Analysis: What was the revenue value of the train at the time of the excursion? Generate a detailed sales revenue report by individual excursion.
  • Fundraising Report: Who has donated, how much and to which campaign? Track donations revenue by campaign.
  • Marketing Report: How did your guests hear about your railroad? Which promotions are resulting in sales? Compile the answers.
  • Offer Code Report: Who used offer codes and on which excursion? Reports who, what and where.
  • Payments: How is credit card performance? Detailed breakdown of credit card payments. Use daily to tie out with Authorize.net.
  • Rail Events Report: How are events performing? Generate ticket sales receipts as required.
  • Sales Analysis: How much sales revenue was booked on any given day? Generate daily sales details by agent, source, class and type.
  • Template Analysis: Which templates are producing sales? Track number of tickets sold by class and type and revenue collected on each template.
  • Upsell Item Sales: Which upsell items are guests adding to their reservations? Track item, quantity and price.
  • Gift Certificate Redemptions: What is the value of individual certificates and the total value of all certificates? Generate a detailed log of gift certificates issued and redeemed.
  • Voucher Redemptions: How many vouchers were issued and how many have been redeemed? Report by campaign, vouchers loaded and vouchers redeemed.
  • ZIP Code Report: Where is ridership coming from? How far are guests willing to travel for certain templates? Where are marketing efforts producing results? Report both group and individual ridership by ZIP code.