Email Channel

DTS includes a variety of options to generate email messages to keep both guests and crew up to date. And it allows complete control; you can edit HTML code, insert links, banners, images and attachments.

  • Automatic Confirmation: Automatically send guests custom emails confirming transactions. You have complete control over this email – edit HTML code, insert links, banners, images and attachments.
  • Pre-Excursion: An automatic pre-excursion email is an effective excursion reminder, especially when the ticket was purchased months in advance. This feature is also useful for sharing tips on when to arrive, what to wear, what to expect and parking – anything your guests need to know ahead of an excursion or event
  • Post-Excursion: The automatic post-excursion note is an opportunity for follow-up, event invitations, surveys and social media engagement.
  • Automatic Renewal: Automatically generate an email to inform members about pending renewal.
  • Mailing Lists: For broadcast email, you can launch directly from DTS or export managed lists to the email client of your choice.
  • The DTS Crew Caller also uses email to notify crew about shift availability and schedule assignment.