A customized, turnkey automated management system

Dynamic Ticket Solutions offers a complete and customizable automated management and online ticketing system. The system will save labor and increase efficiency for any organization that manages ticket-based excursions.

The DTS system was first deployed in the tourist railroad industry in 2005 as an online ticketing system and automated ticketing and walk-up ticket sales remains the core of the system. But DTS system has grown by leaps and bounds - into a complete back-of-house management system with a variety of modules and functions that take functionality beyond ticketing, including:

  • Assigned seating: When assigned seating is needed, this module does the job seamlessly.
  • Membership: To manage membership, including dues, member communication and other tasks.
  • Contribution: If you are set up to accept donations, you can manage contributions with this module.
  • Affiliate Sales: With this module, you can sell tickets on a will-call basis at any location and pay a commission to the seller. It's perfect for remote ticket sales at hotels, restaurants, visitors' bureaus, etc.
  • Point-of-Sale: The POS module supports non-ticket sales, including gift shop, souvenirs, etc. It even accommodates online shopping and shipping.
  • CrewCaller: A volunteer scheduler that works like a job posting board.
  • And many more

The system tracks market data and demographics, provides hands-free cash management, real-time inventory tracking and reporting and can be configured for real-time online credit card processing.

Accurate financial reports are easily accessible, simplifying the chore of balancing monthly bank statements.

Single-point inventory control eliminates overselling or overbooking. You may add or reduce the number of seats available for any event or series of events. The system also supports multiple ticket pricing for different customer or ticket classes.

Packaged to meet your needs

The DTS system can be packaged in any configuration, custom-tailored to the specific needs of your operation. You don't have to take ownership of a bunch of functions you don't need, so the system stays efficient with a quick learning curve. And since the system is funded through ticket convenience fees, you don't need a big budget expenditure. To get started, all you need is a computer with reliable Internet access and a printer.

Marketing savvy

The DTS system's data management features can save money on promotion and make marketing to previous customers a snap.

As your customers make online reservations, the system automatically gathers and databases contact information, which can be used with the optional broadcast e-mail module for on-demand, group-specific bulk e-mail blasts.

Customer information can also be easily downloaded for traditional mail marketing.

Support when you need it

At DTS, we pride ourselves on real-time customer support provided be real people with deep knowledge and understanding of the DTS system. When you reach out for help, you get the help you need, when you need it - without red tape or telephone tag.

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