What does DTS offer?

Dynamic Ticket Solutions offers a complete, modular and customizable automated management and online ticketing system, designed to save labor and increase efficiency for any organization that manages ticket-based excursions. Developed for the tourist railroad industry, the DTS system is perfectly suited for any excursion-based operation, including railroads, boating and fishing, bus tours, walking tours and more.

What does "modular and customizable" mean?

The DTS system is packaged in modules, each specifically designed to meet a particular operational need. Examples include online ticket sales, walk-up ticket sales, seat reservations, dining reservations, staff and volunteer scheduling and many others.
With the modular system, you can deploy a custom-tailored solution with only the modules you need - and without the clutter of modules you don't need.

How might our operation benefit from the DTS system?

Simply put, Internet sales are the future. As online spending increases each year, organizations that neglect online sales will do so at their peril.

Online ticketing is the backbone of the DTS system. It not only saves labor on the operational end, it increases accuracy in scheduling and record keeping, makes ticket purchases easier and more convenient for your customers - and improves cash flow, since the tickets are paid for at the time of the sale.

Beyond ticketing, the DTS system has grown into a full-function back-of-house automated management system that can significantly improve efficiency throughout the entire operation.

Is there a big up-front investment?

In a word, no. That's one thing about the DTS system that our customers absolutely love. Taking a page from the entertainment industry's playbook, the funding model is based on charging a small fee for each ticket sold. Your customers are willing to pay for the convenience of online purchasing and that pays for the lion's share of system deployment.

There is a minimal signup fee to get started and some organizations will have modest up-front purchasing requirements for optional equipment, including ticket printing, for example. However no special equipment is required to use the system in its basic configuration.

What equipment/hardware would we need to get started?

Nothing out of the ordinary. All you need is a computer with reliable Internet access and a standard printer for daily reports and other printing chores. Additional equipment is available through DTS, as needed.

What costs are associated with using the system on a month-to-month basis.

There's really very little in the way of ongoing costs. There are no subscription or other service fees. If you choose to deploy inkless ticket or receipt printing, you will need to budget for thermal paper. That's about it. It's really not a consumable-driven system.

How are system updates handled? Are there expenses involved?

Unlike stand-alone software, DTS is completely web-based. That means updates for modules you are already using are automatic and made without charge. Naturally, if you want to add modules after initial signup to cover new functions, you will pay the difference in signup fees associated with the new modules.

What if we need a module that is not yet available?

Ask! We are constantly developing new modules in response to customer requests. Not everything is possible in the real world, of course, but if you have a need and we have the technology to meet it, we'll do our level best to forge a solution.

How does ticket printing work?

Ticket printing is available for operations that want to add automation to a walk-up ticket window or kiosk. The module handles ticket printing, credit card sales, cash sales, background batching and will-call. It also accommodates custom printed ticket designs if you wish to offer your printed ticket as a colorful souvenir.

Typically, what kinds of systems and manual labor tasks does DTS automate?

  • The system saves labor in ticket sales, especially for organizations still using manual, pencil-and-paper systems for ticketing.
  • It enables advance ticket sales for organizations not yet setup to accommodate them.
  • It makes managing special events simple, such as holiday excursions or dining events and simplifies adding or deleting events to accommodate volume changes.
  • The system can be configured to track customer marketing and demographic information.
  • An automated e-mail broadcaster is included, enabling you to reach out to your e-mail database quickly and easily.

Beyond ticketing, what are some of the more popular functions and modules?

  • Point-of-Sale: The ticketing module is limited to ticket sales. However, the POS module makes the system compatible with non-ticket sales, including gift shop, souvenirs, etc. It even accommodates online shopping and shipping for those who wish to buy away from your physical location.
  • CrewCaller: A volunteer scheduler that works like a job posting board. You plug in the date of event plus any jobs necessary to run the event. The system sends e-mails to all the volunteers in your database, who then let the system know of their availability.
  • Assigned seating: When assigned seating is needed, this module does the job seamlessly.
  • Membership: This module helps you automate the functions associated with membership management, including dues, member communication and other tasks.
  • Contribution: If you are set up to accept donations, you can manage contributors and their contributions with this module.
  • Affiliate Sales: With this module, you can sell tickets on a will-call basis at any location and pay a commission to the seller. It's perfect for remote ticket sales at hotels, restaurants, visitors' bureaus, etc.
  • Message Board: This module enables instant-message-style text messaging within the system.
    See the complete module list.

What is FunTrainRides.com?

We developed FunTrainRides.com as a gateway to promote Tourist Railroads around the country. It's a user-friendly directory of tourist railroads, a quick and easy way for potential visitors to find a fun train ride as they surf the Internet.

As a benefit to our railroad customers, railroads that sign on to the DTS system are automatically added to FunTrainRides. That broadens your web footprint, improves search results and helps guide new customers to your operation by way of the major search engines.

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