DTS: A dynamic and customizable automated online ticketing and management system for excursion-based organizations

Save Labor
Increase Efficiency
to your operational needs
Management System
Smart and Intuitive
Dynamic Ticket Solutions offers a complete, modular and customizable automated management and online ticketing system, designed to save labor and increase efficiency. The DTS system is fully customizable. Options include online ticket sales, walk-up ticket sales, seat reservations, dining reservations, staff scheduling and many others. DTS can significantly improve efficiency throughout your entire operation, with a variety of functions designed specifically for tourist railroads and other excursion-based operations.
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Sell Online
Quickly and Easily!
No Sticker Shock
Smart and Intuitive
Dynamic Ticket Solutions
Give your customers the convenience of online purchasing. Save labor, increase accuracy and improve cash flow. You can also use DTS as an online shopping cart. It's easy to learn and even easier to use. You can get started today without a big budget expenditure. DTS charges a small fee for each ticket sold. Your customers are willing to pay for the convenience of online purchasing and those fees pay for the system - so you don't have to.
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